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  • The wardrobe now has a hoodie down logic implemented so if a head skin is equipped the hoodie of certain skins will automaticly go down
  • Changed the Show Belt Checkbox to a dropdown menu in reaction to the recently added skins
  • All skins that have been datamined and added in the two recent crates will be added throughout the week.


  • Added a bit higher compression to some textures of the tunnels and reduced their size from ~35MB to ~20MB


    Updates to the PUBG wardrobe:
  • You can now choose between the tunnel setting, a basic setting and no setting. No setting is useful for mobile users who have to keep track of their used data, the tunnel setting however can take some time to load. We will optimize this setting soon!
  • You can now choose between 3 male ethnicies divided into 3 skin tones each. European, Asian and African American. Female character will be added in a future update
  • The red little icon that indicates that ingame gameplay of a skin is available is now visible on the wardrobe item list aswell.


    We're back on track with the latest changes!
  • Added recently datamined items to H1Z1
  • Wardrobe ligthing has been slightly adjusted to look better
  • A little red icon in skin overviews is now indicating, that ingame gameplay for this item is available
  • Gameplay for more skins will be uploaded on a regular basis
  • Embedded youtube videos are available for some skins already, located below the 3D viewer for said skin.
  • added 'tools' category to the main page that will sonn be filled with more features, now it let's you go directly to the wardrobe
  • Adjusted the width of the cards on the main page to visually look better
  • removed the 'choose your game' headline on the main page


  • The new PUBG feature is completed and fully working as intended. The integration into the rest of the website is almost done aswell. It's looking like we will be able to release it next weekend right before christmas. The to-do list consist of integrating it into Set pages, adding the last remaining skins, fixing some of the existing ones and overall making the page prettier. Right now it works but it looks terrible especially on smaller devices, we will hopefully get this fixed before it's release.
    Keep in mind that, even when released, the feature is work in progress and still needs a lot of work. Along with it's release around christmas we will create a big Blog-post with a quick explanation of how it works, what you can do, what you can't do and a brief overview of the list of things we want to add to it.


  • Crate Item overviews do now share more infos about the selected crate for PUBG. Before it only showed it's name, now you can use OPSkins/Steam links and see the icon and price of the crate currently being browsed.


  • The PUBG feature is fully working now. Out of 178 total Skins we only have 57 left to work on, in preparation for this feature we will also work on various pages on the website such as Sets and single Skin pages. We are trying to get the feature working for you to use before christmas but it will be ready this year for sure.
  • Additionally we are working on minor Bug fixes on already existing features:
    The issue with empty items in the list has been fixed and will not come up again.
  • Almost all datamined items will now have their correct name, meaning the name they will be called when released.
  • Some missing 3D models have been added.
  • Some 3D models were using the wrong model or texture, this has been fixed in all cases we know.
  • Changed the way OPSkins prices are being handled. Datamined items will no longer have a '$' sign without any context.


  • The big upcoming feature is developing quickly and the basic UI is working. Everything is working flawless but it still needs skins to populate. This will require a lot of work as we need to modify every skin a bit to make it fit. We are still aiming to get it out to you within this year along with the release of PUBG! We will wait with sharing more details until you can use the feature, stay tuned!


  • Further preparations will be implemented for the new update of Islands of Nyne throughout the day.
  • As you may already have noticed it took us a bit longer to change things in the past few days. We are preparing a big new feature you probably will like but it requires a lot of work. We have a prototype for it ready and the code is done. We now need to work on every single (PUBG) skin because they are weirdly sized. We'll update you on this feature once it is usable! Stay tuned.


  • Fixed PUBG Xbox Fingerless Gloves Model (wrong model was being used).
  • Fixed PUBG Search results sometimes displaying fewer items in a single row even with more rows below, resulting in a strange and chaotic appearance.
  • Changed some things to be up-to-date and ready when Islands of Nyne gets it's update.


  • A new "new" icon has been added below the "3D" icon to always mark the most recently found skins in the datamined category.


  • All 45 new datamined items have now proper shadows and lighting
  • PUBG skins that can be browsed in 3D have now a little icon in the top left corner to represent that.


  • RSS feed has been added for the changelog.
  • Created Ads.txt and Robots.txt files to prevent to much crawling and Advertisement abuse from 3rd party sites.
  • Removed some older files used to test features like the 3D model Browser or similar.


  • All PUBG image sources have been updated to use https instead of http to ensure sidewide https.
  • Minor position and size adjustments for the search bar to make it visually fit better.


  • Added search bar for PUBG skins.
  • changed PUBG datamined icons to fit standard layout.