Unofficial Fortnite Patch Notes V9.20

Welcome to our Unofficial Fortnite Patch Notes for Fortnite v9.20! We’ll go through most aspects of the game to give you a central overview of things that have been added and that have changed but did not get mentioned in the Official Patch Notes. We’ll also exclude leaks that are already well known.

Here’s how Unofficial Fortnite Patch Notes works:

This is a collection of things we consider interesting going through the files of this Patch. We compare the files to the previous patch, this means things you see here are new. However, as this is datamining, nothing here is set in stone. We will add speculation and thoughts to some points. These will be written between Round Brackets/Parentheses and in italic (check out this amazing example). Let’s begin!



This time we have a decent amount of skins but they each have very limited info available. Speculation is fun though so here’s what we found so far:

  • Female Version of Vendetta, the Tier 100 Skin in Season 9:
    • Vendetta is named “BattleSuit” in the files and with v9.20 some new files have been added related to a female version of it. The files are part of the Face accesories and seem to hint at the Skin being upgradeable. That’s all we know right now, if this skin is encrypted or just not entirely in the files yet is unclear. Here are the related material files:

Side Note: There have been speculations about the Week 6 Loading Screen skin being the Female Vendetta Skin so the files could hint at that one. This is the Week 6 Loading Screen:


  • Butterfly Pickaxe. Sadly information is scarce on this one aswell but the filename already hints at what this pickaxe might look like. It’s unclear if this Skin has a correlation with the Butterfly Event. Here are the files that gave us what we know:


  • TechMage. This sound sick, doesn’t it? The limited infos we have also hint at a very cool skin coming our way. There are only Pickaxe related files we found so far but it’s very likely that we see a (probably) male skin with that name when it releases. We have a texture for you that is referenced in almost all files we found related to this skin:

This is not all though. Looking at the files we found there are several things to point out. The Pickaxe has a FX folder meaning it will have some special effects like particles or similar. All files in the FX folder point to the texture above so it will be part of a special effect. When swinging, the pickaxe will have a trail similar to the Star Wand or Rainbow Smash. Additionally there are files that hint at some special effects that show when doing an emote, it’s the only pickaxe that has that and as pickaxes usually don’t appear when doing emotes this is particulary interesting. Here’s the list of Files:


  • JellyFish Pickaxe. Yep, that’s it, there’s nothing more to it than this filename. It’s not Squid Striker if you thought of that.


  • 4thofjuly Wrap. Independence Day is approaching (July 4th) and these files show that we might see some skins related to it. Now Wrap files like textures and such have been used for other things before so take this with a grain of salt. Here’s the texture we found that appears to contain some type of Fireworks:


  • Drift Summer. Again, this is just one texture in the Wrap Folder but the Drift skin is also named Drift in the files so we might get a Summer Version or a Wrap or anything of this kind. We don’t want to keep the texture hidden but it doesn’t really show much. If we’re speculating it could be part of an animation:


  • The Cube Wrap. Yes, we found a texture leading us to believe this could be indeed be coming to an item shop near you! There have been various concepts and it will probably fit right in to the rest of the Skins related to Kevin the Cube. The texture in question can be seen below:



This time only one new set has appeared in the files besides the already leaked skins:

  • CyberRunner = “Synapse”

Strings P1:

Everything you can read as plain text in the game is stored in strings. These could be names of skins, description of skins, names of items, item descriptions… We sadly don’t know what these string exactly belong to but they can give a good hint at future releases etc. In part one we’ll go through strings that we might be able to get some good info out. Each set of strings or string gets a small commentary with some infos we think are relevant.

  • We had Frozen Legends, we had Lava Legends and now we might get Shadow Legends or at least Shadow Versions of some already released Skins. Here are the Strings leading us to believe this might be the case:
    • Fly in light, live in the eclipse.
    • Fly in the eclipse.
    • Eclipse the world with stylish domination.
    • Perfect Shadow (As there is a Cloaked Wings String this might be a different version of Cloaked Shadow)
    • Perfect Wings
    • Shadow Skully
    • Shadowbird (Variant of Sunbird?)
    • Soar in Shadows (Soar in the shadows. is the description of  the Shadow Wings Back Bling. Quite similar tbh.)
    •  Swing through the shadows.
    • Synapse (Probably the Main Skin for the Synapse Set)


  • Stark Strings:
    • Stark Satchel (Back Bling)
    • Stark Splitter (Pickaxe)
    • Equal parts adorable and stark.


  • Holo Back Bling:
    • Holo-Pack
    • Holographically enhanced battle bag.


  • Strikeforce Pickaxe:
    • Strikeforce
    • Strike like lightning.

Strings P2:

In part 2 of the list of strings we  list every new String added with this patch that we think is related to skins but don’t relate to any other Strings:

  • Lightning Cloak
  • They won’t know what hit ’em.
  • This is what winning looks like.
  • Turbulent
  • Vanish into thin air!
  • Two steps ahead of the competition.

Strings P3:

This is the rest of Strings we have no idea for what they could be related to.

⦁ Glub Glub
⦁ Hide and Seek with a twist! Play 2 rounds. The team that eliminates the most props wins! (LTM?)
⦁ Nothing can hurt me!
⦁ The Leaderboard can’t connect to the… uh, mainframe … thingy.
⦁ Still trying…

Removed Files:

  • Gemini has left the files. The Pickaxe is still in there though.

Additional Notes:

  • There are various files and Strings hinting a Livestream and more interesting a link is part of a new file related to video Streaming. The file is named “StreamingSyncTelevisionStreamedLlama.uexp” and it currently seems to be a test stream. This is the link: In case gets taken down, here is the video, the ellipse in the upper left corner changes color every now and then:


That’s it for now. Let us know if you like this format, shoot us a tweet and follow us @SkinTrackerCom. We also just started our new Discord Server you can join to get even more Skin-Tracker news and give us Bug Reports. We’re still only beggining with these posts and hope you can already enjoy them in this state. This post might get updated with some new informations or things we misinterpreted, let us know if we made any mistakes. As always, this is datamining and sometimes highly speculative so take it with a grain of salt.