Fortnite v8.30 – Unofficial Patch Notes

Welcome to our Unofficial Patch Notes for Fortnite v8.30! This time the notes will be a bit shorter, as there are not too many new things. We’ll go through most aspects of the game to give you a central overview of things that have been added and that have changed but did not get mentioned in the Official Patch Notes. We’ll also exclude leaks that are already well known.

Here’s how it works:

This is a collection of things we consider interesting going through the files of this Patch. We compare the files to the previous patch, this means things you see here are new. However, as this is datamining, nothing here is set in stone. We will add speculation and thoughts to some points. These will be written between Round Brackets/Parentheses and in italic (check out this amazing example). Let’s begin!



  • The Slap Happy Emote has received a little update. It can now fail, which will play a different version of the music:


These sets are new in the files. Following you’ll see the names that the sets will be called when they are released:

  • “Air Royale” is the name of a new Set with the internal name “Pilots”. It might be connected to the Air Royale game mode which also includes challenges to unlock rewards.
  • “Teed Off” is the ingame name of the new “Golf” Set. With “Air Royale” this might be one of two encrypted Skin Sets.

Upcoming Block:

  • The next Block will be called “Cordial Courtyard” and was created by the player “gonzothewizard”. It’s island code is: 8465-5123-4017


Everything you can read as plain text in the game is stored in strings. These could be names of skins, description of skins, names of items, item descriptions… We sadly don’t know what these string exactly belong to but they can give a good hint at future releases etc. In the list below you’ll see all new string excluding the usual leaked skins. We’ll add some speculation to the strings as to what they could mean.

  • Alters your cosmetic loadout that will appear for opponents during a match. You will still appear as your selected cosmetics to yourself and teammates
  • Anonymous Appearance
  • Birdie
  • Blessed
  • Bunny Hop
  • Choose 1 item from the following after purchase:
  • Count Down
  • Count Up
  • End Zebulon Drone
  • Even if you don’t hear back from us, your report will help us keep Fortnite a fair, safe, and fun game for everyone.
  • Explode on Proximity Range
  • Explosive Device
  • Gambling
  • Have a blast!
  • Hot Lava!
  • Infernal
  • Join the Battle
  • Jump In
  • Jump In!
  • Life Of Luxury
  • Marathon
  • Marked for battle.
  • New Zebulon Drone
  • No mulligans required. (Golf Skin description)
  • OOOPS!
  • Put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Ringing
  • Swing for the green. (Golf Skin Description)
  • To Jump Without Zebulon Drone
  • You’ve completed an Air Royale Challenge! Enjoy your reward!

Removed Files:

  • The “EvilSuit” Wrap (1st  image) has been removed and replaced by “EvilSuit2” better known as “Burnmark” (2nd image).

That’s it for now. Let us know if you like this format, shoot us a tweet and follow us @SkinTrackerCom. We also just started our new Discord Server you can join to get even more Skin-Tracker news and give us Bug Reports. We’re still only beggining with these posts and hope you can already enjoy them in this state. This post might get updated with some new informations or things we misinterpreted, let us know if we made any mistakes.