Everything about our Blog relaunch

Here’s what you can expect on this blog:

Welcome to our shiny Blog relaunch. It will be your source for all news and infos surrounding our favorite games, skins and Skin-Tracker in general!


PUBG will be the main focus on this blog for now, our intention is to give you up-to-date infos surrounding PUBG on a regular basis. While we may start with a bit slower pace of 1+ Posts a week, our end goal is to release about one Post a day with news and infos. Our post length will vary depending on importance and size of the source material. We’ll have short news snippets and large posts about how to obtain certain skins i.e. (OGs will remember our DMM T-Shirt and Telnyashka Posts).


Yes, Fortnite (BR) will also  play a role on this Blog. We intend to give all our readers useful quality content that adds value. As there are various established news Blogs for Fortnite, we don’t intend to compete with them and be “yet another one”. As mentioned before, PUBG will also be the main focus of this blog. We have, however, an idea for a more or less regular high-quality post. It’s one we had in mind for PUBG back when we did datamining for it. It will start as an experiment soon and we might consider doing it long-term. Our intend with the Blog is to keep everybody updated on all things PUBG regularly and only post about Fortnite when there are major things to cover.


As with our old blog, we’ll share news and updates about Skin-Tracker in general. We’ll update you on new features like we did with the wardrobe for PUBG and will show you what we’re working on. For minor changes and updates to the website we have a changelog in case you haven’t seen it yet.


Advertisement on Websites and Blogs is a delicate topic. We’re always open for a discussion and want to be as transparent as possible. Yes, we will use Ads on this Blog, but we’ll do it the Skin-Tracker way. We have the strict view that users should always enjoy browsing the website and this doesn’t work with intrusive ads. We will not use videos that just randomly start playing upon visiting the site and intend to use no more than 2 banners per site. Pop-up or pup-under ads are a no go anyway. If you are annoyed by an ad or it seems to disrupt your experience, please let us know! Oh, and if you really like us, you can set-up your adblocker to be disabled on Skin-Tracker 😉

What else?

We chose a minimalistic style for the Blog, so you should always know your way around. We don’t want to waste your time with flashy stuff and a ton of side-content. Keep in mind, that this Blog is still completely new, as with the rest of the Website, work is never fully done. There are always things we’d like to improve and we’ll continue to do so based upon our own ideas and your feedback.  Each game has it’s category so you won’t be bothered by things you’re not interested in. Also… Don’t be worried, the current emptiness and lack of posts will soon be a thing of the past. You can reach the Blog on https://skin-tracker.com/blog/.

In case you didn’t know, we now have various social media channels building up. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

That should be all for now. Thank you for reading this post and using Skin-Tracker. We hope you like all the things we are doing.