Here’s how Coupons in PUBG work

Coupons are a new kind of currency available in PUBG. Here are all the details about how to earn them and what they can be used for.

With the latest Test Server update, PUBG added the new Survivor Pass: Vikendi, a progression system with a lot of cosmetics as rewards. Some of you may have noticed that so called Coupons are also part of the rewards. You can only earn Blue Coupons (10 of them) in the Survivor Pass but there are actually 3 different types of Coupons. Each type (Yellow, Blue and White) has it’s own store page where you can buy exclusive skins. As this system is still exclusively available on the test servers the content may change. Here are all current items available in the Coupon Store:

Blue Coupon:

  • Arctic Digital – Scar-L
  • MadDog – M16A4
  • Mountain Camo
  • Wool Scarf (Brown)

Yellow Coupon:

  • Arctic Digital – M249
  • Ugly Holiday Hat
  • Ugly Holiday Sweater

White Coupon:

  • Arctic Digital – Sawed-Off
  • Snowmobile Racer Boots
  • Ugly Holiday Gloves

The prices currently vary based on the coupon. Skins available for exchange of Blue Coupons cost 12 Coupons, Yellow is priced at 10 Coupons and Skins available in the White Coupon Shop cost you 5 of them.

How to earn:

As mentioned before, 10 Blue Coupons are part of the free Survivor Pass: Vikendi. All other Coupons are earned with each Level Up in the Survivor Pass. Their distribution is random which means you could end up missing items from the Coupon shop if you don’t get the right ones.  Don’t try to collect them for something in the future though as they expire with the end of the Season for this Pass.


We’re currently in the process of setting up a page showing you all the items available in exchange for Coupons. Stay tuned for more!