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Latest News for playerunknown's battlegrounds

May 112018


We have found a new crate and it's content. Even Drop Chances are available!

Apr 262018

13 New skins added

13 New skins have been found. Including the first ever Helmet Skin!

Mar 62018

4 Female Models in the Wardrobe

The wardrobe has been updated, you can now preview outfits on female characters and in a new "Main Menu" setting.

Feb 242018

12 New Unreleased Skins

12 New Skins are waiting for you in the datamining section. These skins are not available in the game yet but they very well might come soon!

Feb 242018

2 New Crates available to browse

The Fever Crate and the Militia Crate are now available. You can browse them, inspect skin models and preview outfits here on Skin-Tracker!

Feb 162018

PandaTV T-shirt Gameplay

With the help of Pinoy Game Store we recorded Gameplay of the rare PandaTV T-Shirt.

Nov 142017

45 New Skins found in the files

45 New skins have been found in the game files including parachutes. You can browse and inspect every single one.

Oct 182017

How to get the T-Shirt

Find out how to get the ne T-Shirt skin. A promotion between and PUBG.

Oct 112017

New "Mailru" Shirt

A new "Mailru" Shirt skin has been found in the Test Server files. Possibly a promotion with is a russian investment company and website.

Aug 22017

Panda.Tv T-Shirt skins

New T-Shirt skins have been found on the test server, they haven't been officially released and may or may not be obtainable in the future.