What is Skin-Tracker?

Skin-Tracker is your source for the latest skins and skin-related news for Fortnite: Battle Royale, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS and more to come. We use non-intrusive ads and sponsorships to cover our costs.
Skin-Tracker is NOT involved in skin trading, gambling or any form of exchange. We don't sell accounts, VBucks, skins etc. We only serve as a database for skins. We will not act as a middleman or similar for your trading activities.
Skin-Tracker is founded and administrated by STAIRWAVE (Pascal Kuri). You can contact us via the contact form (temporarily deactivated) or on various social networks
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Rules for Community participation

On Skin-Tracker you can interact with other Users and engage in a growing community. In order to provide a great platform where everyone is welcome you have to follow our community guidelines.

1. Usage of "bad" words is prohibited. This counts for all text you create that others can see (username, bio, list name, combo name, comment...). We have filters in place for these words and circumventing these filters may result in account removal depending on the severity.
2. Any form of Doxxing is not allowed.
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5. Some pages allow you to upload images. Please do not upload images that are copyrighted and not created by you. Irrelevant images will be removed and inaproppriate images may lead to account removal.
6. TL;DR: Just follow basic human decency and you'll be fine.