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3 Minutes ago Leaked Gameplay of Gingerbread Raider available now! Learn More

2 Days ago Fortnite accidentally has put an icon of the master chief in the Kratos Files and unofficially confirmed it as a skin! Learn More

3 Days ago Kratos from God of War will become a Skin in Fortnite. This was leaked in the PS5 store Learn More

3 Days ago We are currently working on adding everything new to the Page. Enjoying the new season? Use code skin-tracker if you want to support our work! #ad

4 Days ago Season 5 Story Trailer will also premiere Dec 1st. 9pm PST Learn More

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The Last Laugh Bundle icon

The Last Laugh Bundle

Genius comes in many forms, and madness makes a fine companion. Embrace the chaos today with The Joker, Poison Ivy, and Midas Rex!

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Collect Bars

Earn your keep by completing bounties and quests, or plunder your way to wealth by looting safes! Use collected Bars to gain access to the various services of the Island's Characters.

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