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Midsummer Midas icon

Midsummer Midas

It’s the first time at the beach since… the incident. Better to stick to the sand than to get caught in the surf.

Cosmic Summer is Here icon

Cosmic Summer is Here

Believer Beach is the hot spot for the party of the summer. Check out returning LTM’s, Quests with free rewards, and new summer Outfits from now until July 5th!

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New Comments:

TonyZFREE 2021-06-24
the backpack, of who is it?
whenAustinFREE 2021-06-24
no way I I really saw that skin why will you come I saw the comedy so Im so this is like the new skin but I I have the I have this cool pack which is June crew pack it came out in June okay did you ha
whenAustinFREE 2021-06-23
and I like this emote I never seen it before wait I actually did
whenAustinFREE 2021-06-23
beautiful why do I have it I have it by the way I got it in Summer can I have the challenges I have to do a headshot okay guys anyones not talking white guys
whenAustinFREE 2021-06-23
I have that skin Im a default but by the way I have to blaze skin okay in fortnite are you happy I got it from my mom when I had a haircut