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6 Days ago Hassbro X Fortnite Figures have been Announced!

3 Weeks ago New Fortnite Easter Skins Announced! Learn More

3 Weeks ago New Encrypted Skin Leaked by ShiinaBR Learn More

4 Weeks ago We're currently adding all Season 6 Skins including the Battle Pass Items. Thanks for your patience!

1 Month ago Season 6 Battle Pass Skins have been leaked! Learn More

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New Balance Changes  icon

New Balance Changes

Wild forces continue to rage on the Island! The power of many items including SMGs, Bows, and the Recycler have increased. You'll also find more Crafting Parts and fewer Makeshift Weapons.

Aloy icon


Seeker, survivor of the post-apocalypse and hunter of machines - the primal Island is no match for her.

Comeback Duos icon

Comeback Duos

At first you’ll only find common weapons, but after respawning all weapons will increase in rarity. With 4 respawns, can you make a comeback and claim victory?

Reboot A Friend icon

Reboot A Friend

Invite eligible friends back to the Battle Bus and earn rewards by playing together!

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falconfighter710FREE 2021-04-16
I just got it
LovelumaFREE 2021-04-16
looks fire
rejo_meca4felizlallaFREE 2021-04-15
sunbirdfortniteFREE 2021-04-15
this emote looks amazing, cant wait to get it!
superAndre433FREE 2021-04-15

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