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3D model availableNew skinTime Out Emote icon

Time Out

Stop the clock.

New skinLlamacadabra Emote icon


Don't forget the magic word

3D model availableNew skinHot Marat Emote icon

Hot Marat

Wreck the dance floor

New skinKnee Slapper Emote icon

Knee Slapper

Rustle up the rhythm

3D model availableNew skinBombastic Emote icon


Step up and show 'em what you've got

3D model availableNew skinHyper Glider icon


What's up must come down

Audio available3D model availableNew skinFlappy Flyer Glider icon

Flappy Flyer

Keep it flappy

Audio available3D model availableNew skinFlying Carp Glider icon

Flying Carp

Dive into the sky

Audio available3D model availableNew skinMagic Wings Glider icon

Magic Wings

Soaring and spellbound

Audio available3D model availableNew skinScrambler Pickaxe icon


Mix it up

Audio available3D model availableNew skinGatekeeper Pickaxe icon


On the theshold of victory

Audio available3D model availableNew skinSpellslinger Pickaxe icon


Ancient and gnarled

3D model availableNew skinTrusty Tusks Back Bling icon

Trusty Tusks

Tufted and tusked

3D model availableNew skinShrimpy Back Bling icon


Pack a tasty snack on your back

3D model availableNew skinTome Pouch Back Bling icon

Tome Pouch

Long forgotten lore

3D model availableNew skinSpellbinder Back Bling icon


Arcane apparel

3D model availableNew skinTaro Outfit icon


Protector of the wilds

3D model availableNew skinMaki Master Outfit icon

Maki Master

Roll up your sleeves and get to work

3D model availableNew skinElmira Outfit icon


She'll literally charm you

3D model availableNew skinCastor Outfit icon


The wandering warlock of Wailing Woods

3D model availableNew skinRiot Outfit icon


Defining the pre-post-punk-post-hardcore scene

3D model availableNew skinA.I.M. (Green) Outfit icon

A.I.M. (Green)

This Item has been datamined and can not be found ingame.

Audio available3D model availableNew skinA.X.E. Pickaxe icon


Perfectly programmed pick.

New skinCrazy Feet Emote icon

Crazy Feet

Wild and crazy feet!

Audio available3D model availableNew skinJawblade Pickaxe icon


Clench victory between your teeth.

Audio available3D model availableNew skinAngular Axe Pickaxe icon

Angular Axe

Acutely obtuse.

Audio available3D model availableNew skinKabuto Glider icon


Sharp enough to cut through air.

Audio available3D model availableNew skinPivot Glider icon


Primed to pivot with precision.

3D model availableNew skinInstinct Outfit icon


Victory comes naturally.

3D model availableNew skinReflex Outfit icon


Quick to react, first to retaliate.

3D model availableNew skinShogun Outfit icon


Suited for the ultimate showdown.

New skinLil' Kev Back Bling icon

Lil' Kev

Loves to play in the lake.

3D model availableNew skinPuncture Pack Back Bling icon

Puncture Pack

Crusty and musty.

3D model availableNew skinSpike Chamber Back Bling icon

Spike Chamber

Rusty and trusty.

3D model availableNew skinBladed Wings Back Bling icon

Bladed Wings

Wings with edge.

3D model availableNew skinReaction Tank Back Bling icon

Reaction Tank


3D model availableNew skinResponse Unit Back Bling icon

Response Unit

Send a message.

Audio available3D model availableLonghorn Pickaxe icon


Corral the competition.

Audio availableDark Engine Glider icon

Dark Engine

Fueled by darkness.

3D model availableFreezing Point Back Bling icon

Freezing Point

Ice cold.

Tai Chi Emote icon

Tai Chi

Frostbite Outfit icon


Brave the cold.

Audio available3D model availableGuandao Pickaxe icon


Sharpened for battle.

Audio available3D model availableDivine Dragon Glider icon

Divine Dragon

Sail through the clouds, and row toward victory.

3D model availableGuan Yu Outfit icon

Guan Yu

Loyalty and bravery at all times.

3D model availableOnesie Outfit icon


Smash that snooze button.

3D model availableLoyal Shield Back Bling icon

Loyal Shield

Dependable as always.

Aurora Glider icon


arness the solar wind.

3D model availableWolfpack Back Bling icon


Packing extra bite.

Audio availableIt's go time! Emote icon

It's go time!

It's now or right now!


Untitled "Kpop" Outfit

This item has been datamined and can not be found ingame.

3D model availableHoverboard Cart Bling icon


Explore the zone without depleting energy on your prototype Hoverboard.

3D model availableChill-Axe Pickaxe icon


This item has been datamined and can not be found ingame.

Audio available3D model availablehelium Glider icon


Lighter than air.

vBuck icon


Audio available3D model availableRush Glider icon


It's a rush!

vBuck icon


3D model availableRazor Edge V1 Pickaxe icon

Razor Edge V1

This item has been datamined and can not be found ingame.

3D model availableVertex V1 Outfit icon

Vertex V1

This item has been datamined and can not be found ingame.

3D model availableForerunner V1 Glider icon

Forerunner V1

This item has been datamined and can not be found ingame.

Audio available3D model availableStorm Salutation Emote icon

Storm Salutation

Respect the storm.

Audio availableSteadfast Glider icon