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Promotional Skins

Promotional Skins
Storm King Loading Screen icon

Storm King

Earned by defeating the Mythic Storm King in Save the World

Dark Angular Shift Wrap icon

Dark Angular Shift

Show your style

Dark Power Chord Outfit icon

Dark Power Chord

Rock on in the darkness

Dark Six String Back Bling icon

Dark Six String

Tuned to the key of darkness

Dark Strikers Pickaxe icon

Dark Strikers

A double shot of darkness

Shadow Ark Outfit icon

Shadow Ark

Victory no matter the cost

Shadow Angular Shift Wrap icon

Shadow Angular Shift

Show your style

Shadow Ark Wings Back Bling icon

Shadow Ark Wings

Feathered darkness

Shadow Strikers Pickaxe icon

Shadow Strikers

Strike with shadow and light

Merry Mint Axe Pickaxe icon

Merry Mint Axe

Refreshingly festive

Wavebreaker Outfit icon


Go against the tide.

3D model availableThe Dark Knight Movie Outfit Outfit icon

The Dark Knight Movie Outfit

The hero Gotham deserves.

3D model availableThe Dark Knight Movie Cloak Back Bling icon

The Dark Knight Movie Cloak

Become The Bat.

Batwing Glider icon


Dark Knight Deployed

3D model availableBatman Pickaxe Pickaxe icon

Batman Pickaxe

Wield the power of The Bat.

3D model availableBatman Comic Book Outfit Outfit icon

Batman Comic Book Outfit

The World's Greatest Detective.

Batman Comic Book Cape Back Bling icon

Batman Comic Book Cape

Cloak yourself in darkness.

Jeweled Cat Back Bling icon

Jeweled Cat

The purrfect prize.

Dark Jonesy Outfit icon

Dark Jonesy

He has seen beyond the darkness...

Array Wrap icon


Show your style.

Neo Versa Outfit icon

Neo Versa

Elite chaser for hire.

Shadow Skully Outfit icon

Shadow Skully

Eclipse the world with stylish domination.

Available in the Shadow Rising Pack
Stark Satchel Back Bling icon

Stark Satchel

Equal parts adorable and stark.

Leaked in Unofficial Patch Notes
Shadowbird Wings Back Bling icon

Shadowbird Wings

Fly in the eclipse.

Wonder Outfit icon


Inspire wonder.

Available for Honor 20 Series Smartphones
Breakpoint Outfit icon


Disrupt. Distract. Dominate.

Dark Razor Pickaxe icon

Dark Razor

On the verge of being too dark.

Dark Forerunner Glider icon

Dark Forerunner

Distort. Distract. Destroy.

Dark Deflector Back Bling icon

Dark Deflector

Darken the course of the battle.

Dark Vertex Outfit icon

Dark Vertex

Return from the darkness.

Palette Pack Back Bling icon

Palette Pack

Sharp color.

3D model availableWilde Outfit icon


More than a little wild.

Boogeyman Wrap icon


Show your style.

Stealth Reflex Outfit icon

Stealth Reflex

Exclusive for Nvidia Bundle owners
3D model availableStealth Pivot Glider icon

Stealth Pivot

Strategic silence.

Exclusive for Nvidia Bundle owners
Burnmark Wrap icon


Show your style.

3D model availableAudio availableLavawing Glider icon


Awoken by a violent eruption.

Molten Battle Hound Outfit icon

Molten Battle Hound

Release the molten hound!

3D model availableMolten Crested Cape Back Bling icon

Molten Crested Cape

Molten and courageous.

Molten Valkyrie Outfit icon

Molten Valkyrie

A fiery revelation.

3D model availableMolten Valkyrie Wings Back Bling icon

Molten Valkyrie Wings

Burning winds prevail.

Audio availableCrimson Scythe Pickaxe icon

Crimson Scythe

Inferno Outfit icon


Ignite your inner fire.

3D model availableLaguna Outfit icon


Storm the beach.

3D model availablePineapple Strummer Back Bling icon

Pineapple Strummer

Sounds sweet.

Pineapple Wrap icon


Show your style.

3D model availableCarbon Commando Outfit icon

Carbon Commando

Redefining state of the art.

3D model availableCarbon Pack Back Bling icon

Carbon Pack

Lightweight and combat ready.

3D model availableIKONIK Outfit icon


Define the moment.

Scenario Emote icon


Make it happen.

3D model availableKeep it Mello Emote icon

Keep it Mello

Join in the fun

3D model availableHonor Guard Outfit icon

Honor Guard

Battle with honor

3D model availableCobalt Outfit icon


Search and destroy.

Reinforced Backplate Back Bling icon

Reinforced Backplate

3D model availableProdigy Outfit icon


Never afraid to divide by zero.

Tabulator Back Bling icon


Get those digits.

3D model availableResponse Unit Back Bling icon

Response Unit

Send a message.

Available in Nvidia Skin Bundle
3D model availableReaction Tank Back Bling icon

Reaction Tank


Available in Nvidia Skin Bundle
Cold Front Glider icon

Cold Front

Cool to the touch.

Available in Skin Bundle
3D model availableSummit Striker Outfit icon

Summit Striker

Always first to the top.

3D model availableFrostbite Outfit icon


Brave the cold.

Available in Promo Skin Bundle
Top Notch Back Bling icon

Top Notch

Best in class.

Galactic Disc Back Bling icon

Galactic Disc

Light-years ahead of the rest.

3D model availableFreezing Point Back Bling icon

Freezing Point

Ice cold.

Available in Promo Skin Bundle
Audio availableDiscovery Glider icon


Explore the galaxy.

Audio availableStellar Axe Pickaxe icon

Stellar Axe

The stars are aligned.

3D model availableAudio availableResonator Pickaxe icon


Swing with frequency.

Available in Xbox One Bundle
3D model availablePinpoint Pickaxe icon


Accuracy is paramount.

Available in Switch Bundle
Aurora Glider icon


arness the solar wind.

Available in Xbox One Bundle
3D model availableDouble Helix Outfit icon

Double Helix

Spiral towards victory.

Available in Switch Bundle
3D model availableTelemetry Back Bling icon


Find your bearings.

Available in Switch Bundle
Eon Outfit icon


Timeless design.

Available in Xbox One Bundle
3D model availableChill-Axe Pickaxe icon


Keep it chill.

Available in Skin Bundle
The Ace Outfit icon

The Ace

Stack the deck.

3D model availableAudio availableController Pickaxe icon


Take control.

Artifact Contrail icon


Freefall in style.

Audio availableFlappy Glider icon


Flap happy.

3D model availableRotor Glider icon


Calibrated to maximize airflow.

Available in Switch Bundle
Galaxy Outfit icon


Victory is written in the stars.

Embers Contrail icon


Freefall in style.

3D model availableAudio availablePower Grip Pickaxe icon

Power Grip

Get a grip.

3D model availableAudio availablePointer Pickaxe icon


Get to the point.

3D model availablePenguin Back Bling icon


Flightless fashion.

3D model availableBlue Shift Back Bling icon

Blue Shift

Brilliantly Blue.

Free item for PS+ players
3D model availableBlue Striker Outfit icon

Blue Striker

Make victory your reality.

Free item for PS+ players
3D model availableWingman Outfit icon


Flying under the radar.

Available in the Starter Pack
3D model availableAudio availableBoogie Down Emote icon

Boogie Down

Boogie Down with Populotus.

Obtained for free by enabling 2FA
3D model availableAudio availableFreestylin' Emote icon


Tear up the dance floor.

3D model availableRoyale Bomber Outfit icon

Royale Bomber

Searching for a target-rich environment.

Available in Playstation Bundle
Trailblazer Outfit icon


On the forefront of victory.

3D model availableTenderizer Pickaxe icon


Leave a good first impression.

3D model availableTrue North Back Bling icon

True North

Find your way

3D model availableCatalyst Back Bling icon


The Rogue Agent's outfit back bling.

Camo Umbrella Umbrella icon

Camo Umbrella

3D model availableAudio availableInstigator Pickaxe icon


Start something.

3D model availableBackup Plan Back Bling icon

Backup Plan

Leave a wake of destructions.

3D model availableStealth Response Unit Back Bling icon

Stealth Response Unit

Quick and quiet.

Exclusive for Nvidia Bundle owners
3D model availableAudio availableBlue Streak Glider icon

Blue Streak

Like a bolt from the blue!

Free item for PS+ players
3D model availableAudio availableSlipstream Glider icon


Get right down to business.

3D model availableBlue Team Leader Outfit icon

Blue Team Leader

Lead your squad to victory.

Free promotional item for PS+ players.
Havoc Outfit icon


Striking fear onto the opposition.

Twitch Prime promotion
Sub Commander Outfit icon

Sub Commander

Show 'Em how it's done.

Rogue Agent Outfit icon

Rogue Agent

Agent status: Unknown

Vbuck icon


Dark Red Knight Outfit icon

Dark Red Knight

Protector of the infinite realm.