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The Sky Is Lava Loading Screen icon

The Sky Is Lava

Art by Dexter Maur

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Rad Emissions Wrap icon

Rad Emissions

Show your style

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Last Round Emoji icon

Last Round

Express yourself on the battlefield

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Champions Crest Back Bling icon

Champions Crest

Show em your credentials

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Synaptic Hatchets Pickaxe icon

Synaptic Hatchets

Uncomfortably aerodynamic

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Shanty for a Squad Emote icon

Shanty for a Squad

Keep the tempo and catch the wave

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Quantic Pulsar Back Bling icon

Quantic Pulsar

Capable of tracking criminals across an entire star system

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Office Chariot Emote icon

Office Chariot

Go for a spin

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Gallant Gear Back Bling icon

Gallant Gear

Sometimes courage is all you need

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Faro Shuffle Wrap icon

Faro Shuffle

Show your style

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Doodle Buddies Wrap icon

Doodle Buddies

Show your style

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Cyprus Nell Outfit icon

Cyprus Nell

The closest thing to a father Reese ever had

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Cobalt Overdrive Wrap icon

Cobalt Overdrive

Show your style

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Centurion Edge Pickaxe icon

Centurion Edge

The only barrier left is fear

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play_circle_outlineButter Barn Hoedown Music icon

Butter Barn Hoedown

Press play and grab yer pardner

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Asteroid Trencher Pickaxe icon

Asteroid Trencher

Repurposed deep space mining equipment

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XenoSlurp Loading Screen icon


Game over man

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Meteor Skimmer Glider icon

Meteor Skimmer

Standard Ranger-issue landing module

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Marigold Outfit icon


Break the curse of the Golden Touch

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Golden Gambit Back Bling icon

Golden Gambit

The perfect move at the perfect time

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Golden Daggers Pickaxe icon

Golden Daggers

A treasured gift from Midas

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Centurion Outfit icon


Hazard Platoons extraction expert and munitions master

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Ol Mate Sledgy Pickaxe icon

Ol Mate Sledgy

Use this to look like youre doing something

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play_circle_outlineLunch Break Emote icon

Lunch Break

I want five of em

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play_circle_outlineLazarbeam Outfit icon


Hes true blue

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