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Victory Royale Umbrella icon

Victory Royale

Represent your season 4 Victory Royale in style!

3D model availableAudio availableCrowbar Pickaxe icon


Pry away.

Audio availableDark Engine Glider icon

Dark Engine

Fueled by darkness.

Lil' Kev Back Bling icon

Lil' Kev

Loves to play in the lake.

Snowfall Umbrella icon


The forecast calls for Victory Royale in Season 7.

Disco Wrap icon


Frozen Axe Pickaxe icon

Frozen Axe

Once crimson, now coated in permafrost.

Take The Elf Emote icon

Take The Elf

Break out the mistletoe.

3D model availableEqualizer Glider icon


Soar through the soundscape.

Combat Wreath Back Bling icon

Combat Wreath

Tidings of combat and joy.

Winter's Thorn Glider icon

Winter's Thorn

Blue Metallic Wrap icon

Blue Metallic

Show your style.

Rose Team Leader Outfit icon

Rose Team Leader

Stop and smell the victory.

Warpaint Outfit icon


Dress for the job you want.

3D model availableAudio availableMarshy Smasher Pickaxe icon

Marshy Smasher

Spread some joy

3D model availableAudio availableCold Hearted Pickaxe icon

Cold Hearted

No love lost.

3D model availableAudio availableFrozen Beak Pickaxe icon

Frozen Beak

Break the ice.

3D model availableTrash Lid Back Bling icon

Trash Lid

Put a lid on it.

3D model availableScrappy Back Bling icon


Barking out of the Boneyard.

3D model availableAudio availableFrozen Feathers Glider icon

Frozen Feathers

A cold wind bellows.

3D model availableFallen Love Ranger Outfit icon

Fallen Love Ranger

Love hurts.

3D model availableFallen Wings Back Bling icon

Fallen Wings

Ready to rebound.

Cuddle Hearts Wrap icon

Cuddle Hearts

Show your style.

Palm Leaf Umbrella icon

Palm Leaf

Kick back and enjoy Victory Royale in Season 8.

3D model availableCrystal Llama Back Bling icon

Crystal Llama


3D model availableAudio availablePlunder Glider icon


Set sail to plunder!

Audio availableDread Pickaxe icon


Instill fear.

Boobytrapped Emote icon


The sea delivers.

Callsign Falcon Wrap icon

Callsign Falcon

Show your style.

Callsign Hornet Wrap icon

Callsign Hornet

Show your style.

Callsign Skull Wrap icon

Callsign Skull

Show your style.

Callsign Wolf Wrap icon

Callsign Wolf

Show your style.

3D model availableAvengers Quinjet Glider icon

Avengers Quinjet

Avengers assemble!

Fiend Wrap icon


Show your style.

Shadowbird Outfit icon


Fly in light, live in the eclipse.

Water Balloon Toy icon

Water Balloon


3D model availableQuack Pack Back Bling icon

Quack Pack

Everybody duck.

3D model availableAudio availableDeep End Emote icon

Deep End

Dive in.

Smoothie Back Bling icon


Blended banana buddy.

Neon Tropics Wrap icon

Neon Tropics

Show your style.

Scarlet Edge Back Bling icon

Scarlet Edge

Doulbe bladed fury.

Low 'n Slow Pickaxe icon

Low 'n Slow

Lock in the flavor of victory.

Virulent Flames Contrail icon

Virulent Flames

Coming in hot.

Cash Flow Contrail icon

Cash Flow

Freefall in style.

Sparkles Music icon


Press play and get glittery.

Frosted Wrap icon


Show your style.

Mean Streak Pickaxe icon

Mean Streak

Paint the town blue.

Audio availableB-Day Beats Music icon

B-Day Beats

Press play and blow out the candles.

Red Line Wrap icon

Red Line

Show your style.

World Cup 2019 Spray icon

World Cup 2019

Leave your mark.

Birthday Cupcake Emoji icon

Birthday Cupcake

Express yourself on the battlefield.

3D model availableBirthday Slice Pickaxe icon

Birthday Slice

Make a wish and swing away.

Game Jam 2019 Spray icon

Game Jam 2019

Leave your mark.

Quest for the Cup Loading Screen icon

Quest for the Cup

The world is watching...

3D model availableRose Rider Glider icon

Rose Rider

Battle tested and pleasantly scented.

This Many Spray icon

This Many

Leave your mark.

X Umbrella icon


Remixed and reimagined.

Kings Wrath Spray icon

Kings Wrath

Leave your mark

Falling Leaf Wrap icon

Falling Leaf

Show your style

Bottom Dweller Pickaxe icon

Bottom Dweller

Thorny Love Spray icon

Thorny Love

Leave your mark

Visions of Love Loading Screen icon

Visions of Love

Look into the love dimension

Visions of War Loading Screen icon

Visions of War

Victory is in your sights

Treefall Glider icon


There's always something special under the tree.

Standard Umbrella Umbrella icon

Standard Umbrella

The default umbrella.

Snowflake Umbrella Umbrella icon

Snowflake Umbrella

Reward for winning a game in season 2.

Paper Paraol Umbrella icon

Paper Paraol

A victory Umbrella for Battle Royale Season 3.