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Full Showcase and Overview of Every Battle Pass in Fortnite in Order.

This List goes from the current Chapter 4 Season 2: MEGA Battle Pass all the way back until the Season 1 Battle Shop and updates as soon as there is a new Season.

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How many Fortnite Battle Passes are there?

So far, Fortnite has released 24 Battle Passes including the current Chapter 4 Season 2: MEGA Battle Pass. Every few Months there is a new Season along with a themed Battle Pass and cosmetic rewards.

How does a Fortnite Battle Pass Work?

The Fortnite Battle Pass can be bought using 950 V-Bucks (about 8$) or by being subscribed to Fortnite Crew. Once purchased you can earn cosmetic rewards by leveling up and completing challenges. Each Battle Pass only exists for a limited time until they release a new season.

When does the battle pass end?

The Current Chapter 4 Season 2: MEGA Battle Pass only lasts until June 2nd, 2023. This is also when the ongoing Season will be replaced with a new one. Typically a Battle Pass lasts around 3 Months but the exact date may change towards the end