Chapter 3 Season 2: Resistance

Battle Pass

Chapter 3 Season 2: Resistance

This Seasons Battle Pass includes Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts, Doctor Strange. With the Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass, you can unlock characters like Doctor Strange and more!

Book of Cagliostro Back Bling icon

Book of Cagliostro

Forbidden tome from the library of Kamar-Taj.

Kata-Pack Back Bling icon


A proprietary data transponder linked to Kata Tech's servers.

Buzz Pack Back Bling icon

Buzz Pack

Built for the grind.

Fizzix Back Bling icon


Cutely cursed cat pack.

Love Lock Back Bling icon

Love Lock

Love is also the key.

Cube Aether Back Bling icon

Cube Aether

Nothing can contain it.

The Imagined Wingspan  Back Bling icon

The Imagined Wingspan

Imagination rises above all else.

Doctor Strange Outfit icon

Doctor Strange

Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts.

Prowler Outfit icon


Technologically enhanced world-class criminal and the most dangerous thief in America.

Tsuki 2.0 Outfit icon

Tsuki 2.0

Kata Tech's latest weapon, sent to hunt down a broken protoype.

Gunnar Outfit icon


Decorated and feared enforcer of the Imagined Order’s command.

Kiara K.O. Outfit icon

Kiara K.O.

Beloved leader of Tango squadron.

Erisa Outfit icon


A lost princess from a forgotten realm of warriors.

The Origin Outfit icon

The Origin

His reality lives on. One of The Seven.

The Imagined Outfit icon

The Imagined

Her past is the key to our future. One of The Seven.

Bag of Essentials Emote icon

Bag of Essentials

Touched up and ready to brawl.

Blade Breaker Emote icon

Blade Breaker

Assassin protocol activated.

Segway Tour Emote icon

Segway Tour

The only way to get around the island.

Dagger Dance Emote icon

Dagger Dance

A battle-ready Wish Guardian ritual.

Conjure Weapon Emote icon

Conjure Weapon

It's all in the wrists...and other dimensional energies.

Unchained Emote icon


Break free.

Slash and Smash Emote icon

Slash and Smash

Flourish of blows from a skilled hand to hand combatant.

Sonic Smile Emoticon icon

Sonic Smile

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Finish Line Emoticon icon

Finish Line

Express yourself on the battlefield.

!?! Emoticon icon


Express yourself on the battlefield.

Cyber Smooch Emoticon icon

Cyber Smooch

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Happy Heart Emoticon icon

Happy Heart

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Book of the GG Emoticon icon

Book of the GG

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Gunnar Approved Emoticon icon

Gunnar Approved

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Prowlers Grasp Emoticon icon

Prowlers Grasp

Express yourself on the battlefield.

The Imagined Wingspan Glider icon

The Imagined Wingspan

You'll never catch me. I'm too quick! And charming!

K.O. Cruiser Glider icon

K.O. Cruiser

Down for the count!

Kata Tech Burstwing Glider icon

Kata Tech Burstwing

Engineered for whisper-quiet landings. Most of the time.

Wheel of Daggers Glider icon

Wheel of Daggers

Summon a thousand daggers and cut through traffic.

Mandala Disc Glider icon

Mandala Disc

Protective shield used by the Masters of the Mystic Arts, in this case, for surfing.

Chain Surfer Glider icon

Chain Surfer

No description required.

Sky Prowler Glider icon

Sky Prowler

Tinkerer has outdone himself with this one.

Rebels Loading Screen icon


Serving looks and saving the world. Art by Brett Parson.

Fallen Kingdom  Loading Screen icon

Fallen Kingdom

It took losing everything to fight for something. Art by Steve Epting.

Tsuki Reborn Loading Screen icon

Tsuki Reborn

She'll find Tsuki 1.0. No matter the cost. Art by Chun Lo.

The Hunter Returns Loading Screen icon

The Hunter Returns

A pledge of loyalty for feline royalty. Art by Pixmilk.

Feel The Chain  Loading Screen icon

Feel The Chain

Welcome to the Gunnar show. Art by Jose Real.

On The Prowl  Loading Screen icon

On The Prowl

Nowhere left to run... Art by Pat Gleason.

Sorcerer Supreme Loading Screen icon

Sorcerer Supreme

Who are you in this vast Multiverse, Mr. Strange? Art by Tradd Moore.

Armored Battle Bus Loading Screen icon

Armored Battle Bus

You should have thanked 'em when you had the chance. Art by Brendan McCarthy.

Before The Strike Loading Screen icon

Before The Strike

Nothing is more valuable than the element of surprise. Art by Brandon Graham.

Turning Point Loading Screen icon

Turning Point

It all comes down to this. Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo.

I Just Wanna Fight Music icon

I Just Wanna Fight

Press play if you've got something to say.

Origins Anthem Music icon

Origins Anthem

Press play for a true original.

Get Ripped Music icon

Get Ripped

Press play for your ticket to the Gunnar show.

Imagined Spray icon


Leave your mark.

Geared Up Spray icon

Geared Up

Leave your mark.

Origins Spray icon


Leave your mark.

If looks could... Spray icon

If looks could...

Leave your mark.

Erisa Alert Spray icon

Erisa Alert

Leave your mark.

Tao Mandalas Spray icon

Tao Mandalas

Leave your mark.

Big Guns Spray icon

Big Guns

Leave your mark.

Prowler Tag Spray icon

Prowler Tag

Leave your mark.

Captains Tag Contrail icon

Captains Tag

Follow her lead. She's got your back.

Fallen Daggers Contrail icon

Fallen Daggers

Soar through a shower of interdimensional swords.

Multiversal Energy Contrail icon

Multiversal Energy

Ready to cast spells and "make magic".

Cubefall Contrail icon


New marching orders, coming in hot.

Chainpalms Contrail icon


He makes everything a chainsaw.

Gunn-brella Glider icon


Gunnar's umbrella of choice for wartime rainstorms.

Style Supreme Wrap icon

Style Supreme

Show your style.

Gunnars Special Wrap icon

Gunnars Special

Show your style.

Cap K.O. Wrap icon

Cap K.O.

Show your style.

Mark of the Prowler Wrap icon

Mark of the Prowler

Show your style.

2.0s Revenge Wrap icon

2.0s Revenge

Show your style.

Erisas Crest Wrap icon

Erisas Crest

Show your style.

Original Issue Wrap icon

Original Issue

Show your style.

The Imagined Aura Wrap icon

The Imagined Aura

Show your style.

Omni Sword Pickaxe icon

Omni Sword

The first reprogrammable blade. Patent pending.

The Imagined Blade Pickaxe icon

The Imagined Blade

This thing cuts everything. Armor, comms wires, sandwiches...

K.O. Club Pickaxe icon

K.O. Club

Wanna join the club?

Guardian Daggers Pickaxe icon

Guardian Daggers

Forged for a long-forgotten queen.

Spellwork Scimitar Pickaxe icon

Spellwork Scimitar

Conjured by harnessing energy drawn from other dimensions of the Multiverse.

Punch Saw Pickaxe icon

Punch Saw

Revved, raucous, and ready to roll.

Energy Claw Pickaxe icon

Energy Claw

Powered claw that splits for better grappling.

Cubic Scepter Pickaxe icon

Cubic Scepter

Corruption carefully channeled for maximum battle impact.

How many Items are in the Chapter 3 Season 2: Resistance Battle Pass?

So far, the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: Resistance Battle Pass containes 80 Cosmetic Items (Excluding V-Bucks etc.). Some items however may be added later on in the season and require additional challenges to earn.