Fortnite Aerosol Assassins Set

3d_rotationTeknique Outfit icon


Spray up a storm.

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 23

Spray Paint Contrail icon

Spray Paint

Freefall in style.

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 36

3d_rotationAbstrakt Outfit icon


The writing's on the wall.

Vbuck icon


3d_rotationvolume_upRenegade Roller Pickaxe icon

Renegade Roller

Go on a roll.

Vbuck icon


3d_rotationTag Bag Back Bling icon

Tag Bag

Paint the town red... and white... and purple...

Vbuck icon


Teknique Spray icon


Leave your mark.

Emote Camo Wrap icon

Emote Camo

Show your style.

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 5

Spray Sail Glider icon

Spray Sail

Tagged on the fly.

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 30

Renegade Rollers Pickaxe icon

Renegade Rollers

Roll up on the competition.

Tilted Teknique Outfit icon

Tilted Teknique

Tag, you're it.

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 23

Paint Pack Back Bling icon

Paint Pack

Spray and spray.

Street Shine Pickaxe icon

Street Shine

This way to superior swiping

Vbuck icon


Paint Splash Wrap icon

Paint Splash

Show your style

Vbuck icon


Purple Jam Back Bling icon

Purple Jam

Sticky style

Xile Glider icon


Make your own way

Vbuck icon


When was the Aerosol Assassins Set released?

This Set was added to Fortnite with the v4.00 Update. Some Cosmetics however may have been released and added to the Set at a later date.

How many items does it contain?

So far there are 7 Epic, 5 Rare, 3 Uncommon Cosmetic Items in this Skin Set. Fortnite can add more skins at any time.