Fortnite Sign of the Fox Set

Fox Wayfinder Back Bling icon

Fox Wayfinder

Always know your way home.

Standing Bow Emote icon

Standing Bow

Show some respect.

Renegade Stray Loading Screen icon

Renegade Stray

A traveler between dimensions. A hunter on the prowl. Art by AFU CHAN.

Stray Loading Screen icon


No one can predict the heart of a fox. Art by Johnny Dombrowski.

Strays Side Eye Spray icon

Strays Side Eye

Leave your mark.

Foxfire Edge Pickaxe icon

Foxfire Edge

A gift from the tricksters.

Stray Fox Wrap icon

Stray Fox

Show your style.

Skycarver Glider icon


Only you can carve your true path.

How many items does it contain?

So far there are 3 Epic, 5 Uncommon Cosmetic Items in this Skin Set. Fortnite can add more skins at any time.