Fortnite The Breakfast Bandit Set

Josie Pickaxe icon


Mancake would never leave Butter Flats without her.

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 26

Diner Dive Contrail icon

Diner Dive

Don't forget the coffee.

Mancake Outfit icon


Forged on a griddle of rage.

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 29

Flapjack Flyer Glider icon

Flapjack Flyer

Syrup, up, and away!

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 30

Syrup Slinger Emote icon

Syrup Slinger

Syrup the ante.

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 32

Breakfast Bounty Back Bling icon

Breakfast Bounty

Butter keep the good stuff for yourself.

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 33

Stack 'Em High Loading Screen icon

Stack 'Em High

He's one bad breakfast.

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 34

Giddy Syrup Emoji icon

Giddy Syrup

Express yourself on the battlefield

How many items does it contain?

So far there are 4 Rare, 2 Epic, 2 Uncommon Cosmetic Items in this Skin Set. Fortnite can add more skins at any time.