Fortnite Underland Nexus Set

Avas Ravers Pickaxe icon

Avas Ravers

These pixels pack a punch.

Vbuck icon


Tarrs Heart Back Bling icon

Tarrs Heart

The heart of Ava's other self.

Double Life Loading Screen icon

Double Life

Ava and Tarr, forever connected.

Ava, Adrift Loading Screen icon

Ava, Adrift

She'll find herself in the Underland. Art by SAM MCKENZIE.

Nexus Counterpart Wrap icon

Nexus Counterpart

Show your style.

Vbuck icon


Ava Outfit icon


Ava solos raids as Tarr in Underland Nexus.

Vbuck icon


Ready Up Emote icon

Ready Up

Become your most digital self.

How many items does it contain?

So far there are 3 Rare, 2 Uncommon, 2 Epic Cosmetic Items in this Skin Set. Fortnite can add more skins at any time.