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Fire Fangs Back Bling icon

Fire Fangs

Sharpen your fangs.

Leaked Skins
Sand Gourd Back Bling icon

Sand Gourd

Best for carrying chakra-infused sand.

Leaked Skins
Hinatas Backpack Back Bling icon

Hinatas Backpack

Contains everything she needs in battle.

Leaked Skins
Black Ops Mask Back Bling icon

Black Ops Mask

Wear it with honor.

Leaked Skins
Bushys Bulb Back Bling icon

Bushys Bulb

Grows a brand-new Bushranger. Just add water and love!

Leaked Skins
Macaw Darkwings Back Bling icon

Macaw Darkwings

Swoop in on a breeze of tropical torment.

Leaked Skins
play_circle_outlineSpider Drone Back Bling icon

Spider Drone

He's got Spidey's back!

Leaked Skins
play_circle_outlineCrewmate Back Bling icon


Just here for the tasks. Trust me.

Vbuck icon


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Viper Probe Droid Back Bling icon

Viper Probe Droid

Used for deep space reconnaissance.

C3S3 - Vibin
Tover Back Bling icon


A little of this. A little of that. And anything else left over.

C3S3 - Vibin
Widows Promise Back Bling icon

Widows Promise

Settle the score.

C3S3 - Vibin
Adiras Battle Flag Back Bling icon

Adiras Battle Flag

A witness to battles long past.

C3S3 - Vibin
Twin Crossfire Back Bling icon

Twin Crossfire

Make your own trouble.

C3S3 - Vibin
Griffins Talon Back Bling icon

Griffins Talon

Symbol of the powerful bond between a ruler and his royal mount.

C3S3 - Vibin
Expedition Bag Back Bling icon

Expedition Bag

Rated for up to six golden idols.

C3S3 - Vibin
PAC-MAN Back Bling icon


Respect the classics.

Vbuck icon


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play_circle_outlineMecha Light Capacitor Back Bling icon

Mecha Light Capacitor

Extended power storage for Mecha Strike Commander.

Leaked Skins
play_circle_outlineTargeters Tally Back Bling icon

Targeters Tally

Every elim counts.

Vbuck icon


Item Shop
Fiery Jam Back Bling icon

Fiery Jam

Steamin' hot style.

Leaked Skins
The Alpha Cylinder Back Bling icon

The Alpha Cylinder

A compact go-bag for all-weather espionage.

Leaked Skins
Ollie-Oop Back Bling icon


It isn't gonna kickflip itself.

Leaked Skins
Stellar Scanner Back Bling icon

Stellar Scanner

Unlock the mysteries of every star in the galaxy.

Leaked Skins
Ali-Tech Backplate Back Bling icon

Ali-Tech Backplate

Fusion-cooled storage for the battlefield.

Leaked Skins
Bedside Nanner Back Bling icon

Bedside Nanner

Fall asleep to its potassium-rich nanna glow.

Leaked Skins
Serpicus the Goldenbane Back Bling icon

Serpicus the Goldenbane

A powerful ancient idol under Amara's protection.

Leaked Skins