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Repulsor Pack Back Bling icon

Repulsor Pack

Useful in the search for the Zero Shard.

Leaked Skins
Fading Ember Cloak Back Bling icon

Fading Ember Cloak

The last light you'll see.

C3S4 - Paradise
Meanwhile... Back Bling icon


This next panel's gonna be good.

C3S4 - Paradise
Bun Bun Bang Bang Back Bling icon

Bun Bun Bang Bang

Hare triggered bun blaster.

C3S4 - Paradise
Lunar Hyperjet Back Bling icon

Lunar Hyperjet

Rise to any occasion.

C3S4 - Paradise
Onis Curse Back Bling icon

Onis Curse

It only grows stronger.

Leaked Skins
Fuzzfetti Cake Back Bling icon

Fuzzfetti Cake

Go ahead. Have a slice.

Leaked Skins
Sardeenz! Back Bling icon


Savor the explosive flavor of Meowscles Morsels.

C3S4 - Paradise
Lectro Guard Pack Back Bling icon

Lectro Guard Pack

Everything you need to improvise in the field.

C3S4 - Paradise
Stinger Pack Back Bling icon

Stinger Pack

Hands off.

C3S4 - Paradise
Little Black Bag Back Bling icon

Little Black Bag

It has everything you need.

Leaked Skins
Whirlberry Back Bling icon


Ricochet Rox's very best friend!

Leaked Skins
Golden Crash  Back Bling icon

Golden Crash

Gold first. Safety second.

Leaked Skins
Calling Card Back Bling icon

Calling Card

Go ahead. Call my bluff.

Leaked Skins
Good Ol Pete Back Bling icon

Good Ol Pete

A trophy from her first elimination.

Leaked Skins
play_circle_outlineSkull G. Biv Back Bling icon

Skull G. Biv

A regal rainbow renegade.

Leaked Skins
play_circle_outlinePouka Back Bling icon


The Exo Stranger's companion.

Leaked Skins
play_circle_outlineOphiuchus Back Bling icon


Ikora Rey's Ghost.

Leaked Skins
play_circle_outlineTarge Back Bling icon


Commander Zavala's Ghost.

Leaked Skins
play_circle_outlineThe Good Stuff Back Bling icon

The Good Stuff

It's all about the ketch.

Leaked Skins
play_circle_outlineGridiron Gladiator Back Bling icon

Gridiron Gladiator

Suit up for battle.

Leaked Skins
Critical Carryall Back Bling icon

Critical Carryall

Secure the package and get outta there.

Leaked Skins
play_circle_outlineThe Beyond Portal Back Bling icon

The Beyond Portal

A delicate slash made in the fabric between realms.

Leaked Skins
play_circle_outlineThe Oculara Back Bling icon

The Oculara

Always watching.

Leaked Skins
Kamesennins Shell Back Bling icon

Kamesennins Shell

Worn by Kamesennin himself.

Leaked Skins