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play_arrowBattle-Worn Cape Back Bling icon

Battle-Worn Cape

Never back down from a fight

Leaked Skins
Scarlet Sai Back Bling icon

Scarlet Sai

The fury is sleeping For now

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Raptors Way Back Bling icon

Raptors Way

The path ahead requires a brave and adventurous spirit

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play_arrowOhms Mantle Back Bling icon

Ohms Mantle

Composed of nanotech-woven microfibers

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play_circle_outlineZzarian Mantle Back Bling icon

Zzarian Mantle

May your cheese be melty may your crust never yield

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play_circle_outlineTusk & Tooth Back Bling icon

Tusk & Tooth

Earned Never given

Leaked Skins
play_arrowSorrows Edge Back Bling icon

Sorrows Edge

Picked it up from a fallen traveler

Leaked Skins
play_circle_outlineBuckler Supreme Back Bling icon

Buckler Supreme

Skimpeth not on the sour cream

Leaked Skins
play_circle_outlineBeefsteel Blade Back Bling icon

Beefsteel Blade

The condiments of its victims still cling to its blade

Leaked Skins
Joia Trophy Back Bling icon

Joia Trophy


Leaked Skins
play_arrowBlaze Canister Back Bling icon

Blaze Canister

Preferred biofuel of Nora Seekers

Leaked Skins
Flutterfish Back Bling icon


Designed exclusively for her royal fishness

Leaked Skins
Glumbo Back Bling icon


He wanna munch

Leaked Skins
Globee Back Bling icon


It looks so small from up here

Leaked Skins
play_arrowHarley Quinns Revenge Back Bling icon

Harley Quinns Revenge

Wind her up See what happens

Leaked Skins
Pokey Pack Back Bling icon

Pokey Pack

Two kinds of dangerous in one convenient package

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Handbag Back Bling icon


Were number one

Leaked Skins
Bunzo Back Bling icon


Copy that the bunny trail is clear

Vbuck icon


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play_arrowWatchful Wabbit Back Bling icon

Watchful Wabbit

Big ears and multi-spectrum vision mean Chigusas avatar is always ready for the latest scoop

Leaked Skins
Skellebun Key Back Bling icon

Skellebun Key

Spring any lock

Leaked Skins
Qwick-Qwack Back Bling icon


The widdlest member of the Danger Dux

Leaked Skins
Mecha-Feathers Back Bling icon


Ready for fowl play

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play_arrowH4ck  P4ck Back Bling icon

H4ck P4ck

Best case scenario no one ever sees Yukis avatar at all

Leaked Skins
Guard Pup Back Bling icon

Guard Pup

Megumis avatar has seen its fair share of action but its still standing strong

Leaked Skins
play_arrowTurbo Ball Back Bling icon

Turbo Ball

Its in a Rocket League of its own