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play_arrowUp North Back Bling icon

Up North

Follow the frost

Leaked Skins
play_arrowArena Elite Back Bling icon

Arena Elite

Won in battle Worn with pride

Leaked Skins
Gordo Back Bling icon


Stuffed with Llamacorn style

Item Shop
play_arrowIdentity Disc Back Bling icon

Identity Disc

Never leave your home System without it

Item Shop
Bello Bag Back Bling icon

Bello Bag

Make it mushy

Leaked Skins
play_arrowSpeed Force Back Bling icon

Speed Force

The energy field that gives all speedsters their powers

Item Shop
play_circle_outlineStuffy Sack Back Bling icon

Stuffy Sack

Crammed with cuddles Stuffed with love

Item Shop
Heartblast Back Bling icon


Lub Dub Boom

Item Shop
Hunters Trophy Back Bling icon

Hunters Trophy

Grim keepsake from a far-off world

Balls of Power Back Bling icon

Balls of Power

Powerful artifacts from another world

Item Shop
play_circle_outlinePrickly Heart Back Bling icon

Prickly Heart

Cute and spiky

Item Shop
play_arrowMechafusion Jumpkit Back Bling icon

Mechafusion Jumpkit

Even a little mechafusion goes a long way

Item Shop
play_circle_outlineBlackout Bag Back Bling icon

Blackout Bag

Theyll never know whats up

Leaked Skins
play_arrowKree Backplate Back Bling icon

Kree Backplate

Brimming with cosmic energy.

Item Shop
Wrapping Caper Back Bling icon

Wrapping Caper

Crinkling gracefully in the winter wind

Tankbuilt Loader Back Bling icon

Tankbuilt Loader

Built to last

Item Shop
Swirly Snowglobe Back Bling icon

Swirly Snowglobe

Give it a shake

Item Shop
Shield Surprise Back Bling icon

Shield Surprise

Its perfect

Item Shop
Merry Mountaineer Back Bling icon

Merry Mountaineer

Treat yourself to a little summit

Item Shop
Holly Jolly Hatchet Back Bling icon

Holly Jolly Hatchet

Honed for maximum cheer

Item Shop
Cheery Chime Back Bling icon

Cheery Chime

Every time a bell rings

Item Shop
Candy Cache Back Bling icon

Candy Cache

Sticky sweet peppermint loot

Item Shop
Vibe Star Back Bling icon

Vibe Star

Its the starriest

Item Shop
Glow Grin Back Bling icon

Glow Grin

Its the smiliest

Item Shop
Exploding Axis Back Bling icon

Exploding Axis

Ooh pointy

Item Shop