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play_arrowAfternoon Quest Loading Screen icon

Afternoon Quest

Searching for adventure beyond the sky

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Slone Zone Loading Screen icon

Slone Zone

The Doctor is in

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Cosmic Cuddles Loading Screen icon

Cosmic Cuddles

The inter-dimensional roadtrip starts now Art by Delicious Design League

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play_circle_outlineCourts in Session Loading Screen icon

Courts in Session

All hail the King

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play_arrowLokis Welcoming Loading Screen icon

Lokis Welcoming

Not Midgard but this will do

Ice Cream Social Loading Screen icon

Ice Cream Social

Midas and Jules bond at the beach

Item Shop
play_circle_outlineCosmic Summer Loading Screen icon

Cosmic Summer

The out of this world beach party begins now

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Believer Beach Loading Screen icon

Believer Beach

Keep your eyes on the skies

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Spire Strike  Loading Screen icon

Spire Strike

Created by Afu Chan.

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 21

C2 Season 7: Invasion
The Rickiverse Loading Screen icon

The Rickiverse

To live is to risk it all.

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 10

C2 Season 7: Invasion
Slone's Mission Loading Screen icon

Slone's Mission

Created by Phil Noto

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 8

C2 Season 7: Invasion
Pluxarian Gothic Loading Screen icon

Pluxarian Gothic

Created by Pius Bak

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 7

C2 Season 7: Invasion
Kymera Swarm Loading Screen icon

Kymera Swarm

A new breed of alien invaders Created by Greg Baldwin

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 1

C2 Season 7: Invasion
Invasion Loading Screen icon


They come from above

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Guggi Vision Loading Screen icon

Guggi Vision

Guggi Vision cannot be unseen Created by Delicious Design League

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 4

C2 Season 7: Invasion
Grand Finale Loading Screen icon

Grand Finale

Its about to pop off Created by Beast Wreck

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 3

C2 Season 7: Invasion
Get me out of here Loading Screen icon

Get me out of here

Hitch a ride on a flying saucer Created by Bruno Diberkato

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 2

C2 Season 7: Invasion
Facets Loading Screen icon


Created by Konstantin-Pixmilk Tarasov

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 6

C2 Season 7: Invasion
Cattle Royale Loading Screen icon

Cattle Royale

Get carried away Created by Joey Rex

Battle Pass icon

Tier: 9

C2 Season 7: Invasion
The Last Son of Krypton Loading Screen icon

The Last Son of Krypton

Kal-El takes flight Created by Francis Manapul

C2 Season 7: Invasion
Tribute Loading Screen icon


Take only what you deserve

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The New Team Loading Screen icon

The New Team

How it ends May 2021 Crew Bonus

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Scaly Standoff Loading Screen icon

Scaly Standoff

Keep your wits sharp and your weapons sharper

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Impossible Odds Loading Screen icon

Impossible Odds

Escape while you still can

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Bear Beginnings Loading Screen icon

Bear Beginnings

How it started

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