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Kratos Outfit icon


Leaked in PS5 Store

Leaked Skins
Reese Outfit icon


Always on the lookout for new additions for her trophy wall.

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Gingerbread Raider Outfit icon

Gingerbread Raider

Let the festivities begin

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Frost Squad Outfit icon

Frost Squad

Ice cold tactics Ice cold fashion

Leaked Skins
Fa-La-La-La Fishstick Outfit icon

Fa-La-La-La Fishstick

Koi to the world

Leaked Skins
Snowmando Outfit icon


Hes holly hes jolly and hes ready to rumble

Leaked Skins
Marauder Heavy Outfit icon

Marauder Heavy

Its about to get heavy

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Galactus Outfit icon


The universe is his buffet

Leaked Skins
Snap Squad Outfit icon

Snap Squad

Just try her.

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Crossbar Crusher Outfit icon

Crossbar Crusher

You think this is just a game?

Item Shop
Punt Paragon Outfit icon

Punt Paragon

Put it through the uprights

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Formation Fighter Outfit icon

Formation Fighter

Master of the gridiron

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TD Titan Outfit icon

TD Titan

Show 'em who's MVP

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Red Zone Renegade Outfit icon

Red Zone Renegade

Push past your limits

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Blitz Brigade Outfit icon

Blitz Brigade

No barriers.

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Scrimmage Scrapper Outfit icon

Scrimmage Scrapper

Can't tackle what you can't catch

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Trench Runner Outfit icon

Trench Runner

Defensive line doesn't stand a chance

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Pass Rush Ranger Outfit icon

Pass Rush Ranger

Hands, don't fail me now.

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Spiral Specialist Outfit icon

Spiral Specialist

Knows a good play when she sees one

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Sideline Commander Outfit icon

Sideline Commander

Keepem on the straight and narrow

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Replay Ranger Outfit icon

Replay Ranger

Lets go to the tape

Item Shop
Offense Overseer Outfit icon

Offense Overseer

Nothing gets by her

Item Shop
Fair Play Outfit icon

Fair Play

Cheaters need not apply

Item Shop
End Zone Expert Outfit icon

End Zone Expert

Champion of her domain

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Huddle Hero Outfit icon

Huddle Hero

Nothing escapes her eye

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